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PTB Letters (#29) Pantomime Engagements for the Holidays

On October 27, 1845, while on a brief trip to London, Barnum wrote to two gentlemen with the idea of setting up engagements for Gen. Tom Thumb to perform in December, during the holiday season.

Community Engagement Message from the Executive Director

Some Barnum Museum Backstory…. For those who might not know, the Barnum Museum was conceived, designed and promoted by P.T. Barnum in 1891.

PTB Letters (#28) News in a Postscript: “My Present Ideas”

Last week’s blog, “Read & Reflect,” mainly focused on P. T. Barnum’s October 25, 1845 letter to his wife Charity at home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, while he was traveling in Europe. 

PTB Letters (#27) Read & Reflect, Then Do as You Please

Over the past few months of reading Barnum’s letters in his 1845-1846 copybook, I have been surprised to find relatively few to Charity, his wife. 

PTB Letters (#26) A Tree Found, Tried & Shook

Since we are well into “apple season” here in New England (as well as in neighboring New York State, the country’s second biggest apple-producer), the title phrase of this week’s blog—plucked from a P. T. Barnum letter—seemed ripe for picking. 

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Some More Wonderful News! “The Barnum Museum remains unyieldingly determined to revitalize from its series of natural disasters – and now we remain vigilant and steadfast as we navigate Covid-19. 

PTB Letters (#25) Souvenir Medals, and a Snug Saloon to Draw and Read In

One of the things I’ve been doing as I read Barnum’s letters from France in his 1845-1846 copybook is to keep an eye out for clues and references to artifacts that are now in the Barnum Museum’s collection.

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All Things Barnum! It is a joy to send you these fascinating weekly blogs about Mr. Barnum’s continental adventures, and I assure you, there are many, many more to come! 

PTB Letters (#24) Becoming a First Rate Showman

In recent blogs we’ve gotten to know a couple of the “personalities” in Barnum’s letters, Fordyce Hitchcock and Emile Guillaudeu. And by now “Monsieur Pinte” is also a name familiar to readers of this series.

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