Fiction vs Fact! The REAL story behind the REEL story!

On Tuesday, March 26th, Barnum Museum Executive Director, Kathleen Maher will present a fun-filled talk at Connecticut's Old State House; Fiction vs Fact! The Real story behind the Reel story!

Fiction vs Fact! The REAL story behind the REEL story! 

Conversations at Connecticut’s Old State House on March 26, 2019 – 12-1 pm

At Connecticut’s Old State House – 800 Main Street, Hartford CT 06103

Have you seen the 20th Century Fox film The Greatest Showman and wondered if it accurately portrayed of P.T. Barnum’s life and times? Join The Barnum Museum’s Executive Director, Kathleen Maher for an engaging comparison of the movie’s story and the real life story of Barnum.

From Barnum’s Connecticut childhood, to his service as a legislator in the Old State House, to his final bow with the Greatest Show On Earth, Ms. Maher will expand on the tales told in the screenplay and reveal the truth behind Barnum’s remarkable struggles and triumphs that is even more fantastic than the fictionalized version!

This event is free to attend and registration is encouraged but not required. Register for the program HERE.