Community Engagement Message from the Executive Director

Greetings, Everyone!

Although it hasn’t been long since we crossed the threshold of the Winter season, in another week or so we’ll start to notice that daylight is staying with us a little longer.  For me, and I’m sure many of you too, that is a spirit-charger and helps me look ahead to the warmer, brighter days of Spring.

This week’s blog by our Curator is #40 in the series focusing on P. T. Barnum’s letter copybook, a treasure in our collection and a very substantial resource at 750 pages!  Adrienne reports that she is reading letters in the 370-380 page range now, which tells me there are many more blogs yet to come.  If you are “new” to the series, you can check out the Blog page on our website for past stories, which reveal so many fascinating things about Barnum and the early years of his extraordinary career.  The series begins with the April 11, 2020 post on Blog web page 9.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong!

Kathy Maher
Executive Director,
Barnum Museum

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