Community Engagement Message from the Executive Director

A Thank You and Salute to Honor our Veterans

I’m proud to be the daughter of a United States Marine Corps veteran.  I truly believe much of my work ethic and discipline is a result of the guiding principles that I grew up with as a kid in New York.  ‘Be there first…everyone will think you’re in charge.’  I’ll be gosh-darn if those words don’t always ring true.  Commitment and full dedication to the ‘task-at-hand’ was the point and ‘belief in the work’ was key to success.  It was the 1960s-1970s, and in our house it didn’t matter that I was a ‘girl’ and there were often different expectations in those days.  Confidence, education, diligence, respect, kindness and leadership were the beacons to which I was held, and for that I am ever grateful.  My greatest wish is to pay that forward.

So, on Wednesday, November 11th, please remember Veterans Day and thank the dedicated veterans in your life.  Their devotion to the fundamental truths of our Constitution is a treasured gift to all citizens of our Nation.

Our deepest thanks to you all.

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Stay safe, stay strong, 

Kathy Maher
Executive Director,
Barnum Museum

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