Community Engagement Message from the Executive Director

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

And, off we go into a ‘different’ but all the same joyful holiday season!

Although this Black Friday will be unlike any other, it’s likely many of us will be reaching for our computers to seek the perfect gifts on Amazon!  From finding just the right cozy scarves and mittens, to the trendiest tech on the market, it seem like Amazon is the one-click shopping method for many of us this year.

So, although this might sound like an ad for Amazon, it’s not…but it is an opportunity for you to take advantage of their wonderful AmazonSmile program that helps support thousands of wonderful nonprofit organizations across the county!

It’s easy to support the Barnum Museum with each purchase!

A few minutes to set up is all it takes! If you type in the word ‘smile’ before, you will be brought to the same Amazon site, but on their fundraising platform –

You can see the sites look almost the same…except for the ‘smile’ in the first image.

Amazon Smile Program

The first time you go to the ‘Smile’ site, you will be asked to choose the organization you want to support.  Search for ‘Barnum Museum’ and you will be able to choose the ‘Barnum Museum Foundation’.  Make sure you change your bookmark to so that you go directly to the Smile site every time you shop, and the Barnum Museum can receive your kind support through the ‘Smile’ giving program! 

Then just shop Amazon like you always have!  Pass this wonderful giving platform forward!  It costs the purchaser nothing and can benefit the Barnum Museum and so many other wonderful organizations immensely!

This week’s Who is Barnum to You?! YouTube video features Michael Gracey, director of the 20th Century Fox feature film – The Greatest Showman:  “The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey: Who is Barnum to you?”.

All the best for a glorious season ahead!

Stay safe, stay strong, 

Kathy Maher
Executive Director,
Barnum Museum

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