Community Engagement Message from the Executive Director

Curious People Wanted!! 

BRC American Museum InteriorIf you continued reading…my guess is that you are indeed a ‘curious person’!  GREAT!  And, welcome!  Today, the Barnum Museum is launching a new YouTube program – you guessed it – Curious People Wanted!

Museums all over the world are filled with extraordinary objects – relics of the past that hold mysteries of bygone days and stories of their ghosts.  Hundreds of millions of artifacts fill the storage rooms of innumerable grand institutions as well as small historic sites.  All of these treasures are carefully stewarded by curators and archivists who diligently battle the elements of nature and time to protect and preserve the artifacts’ fragile existence for future generations to be awed and inspired.

For most of these organizations, there are far too many objects to display, and only a handful of artifacts are typically ever on exhibit.  However, if our challenging Covid-19 year has done nothing, it has provided Museums all over the world the opportunity to find new and innovative ways to share their collections and give our global community a chance to peer into storage rooms and see some of the rare, fantastical and wondrous curiosities that fill their shelves.

The Barnum Museum is no exception.  Containing over 60,000 artifacts and documents, there is so much to share!  Guided by Barnum Museum Curator, Adrienne Saint-Pierre, Curious People Wanted! will take you on a journey behind-the-scenes and give you a glimpse of the many hidden treasures safely kept for your edification and enjoyment!

So sit back in the comfort of your own place, click on the Barnum Museum’s growing YouTube Channel  and explore the many stories, amusements and wonders of the Barnum Museum!

“The one end aimed at is to make men and women think, talk and wonder.  And as a practical result, go to the Museum!”  P.T. Barnum

Stay well…

Kathy Maher
Executive Director,
Barnum Museum

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