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Barnum Museum vs The Greatest Showman!  Fiction vs Fact! The REAL Story Behind the REEL Story!

Barnum Museum Executive Director, Kathleen Maher presents a fun-filled talk on the historic liberties taken in the 2017 film The Greatest Showman!

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Did you happen to catch the 20th Century film The Greatest Showman on ABC last night?  If you missed it, it’s streaming on Disney+ so watch and enjoy.  All in the spirit of fun, Kathy captivates guests with an engaging journey through key elements in the movie and shares numerous bits and pieces of history that will “set the record straight.”  From the depiction of Barnum’s childhood in Connecticut to his final bow with the Greatest Show On Earth, she will expand on the tales set in the screenplay and reveal the truth to the remarkable stories of struggle and triumph that are even more fantastic.

If you are curious about P.T. Barnum, excited about watching the movie again or just want to learn more about the Barnum Museum, this presentation will have you looking at Hollywood and P.T. Barnum in a new way.

“There are all kinds of liberties taken with the screenplay; many, many plots are an entanglement of truths and mythologies about his (Barnum’s) life – which combined truly makes the movie engaging, fun and timeless.  However, the movie spans about 50 years of Barnum’s long and busy life that was filled with extraordinary successes and heartbreaking struggles.  I think, Mr. Barnum would be very pleased seeing he doesn’t age a minute in the film!” Kathy Maher, 2018

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Stay Safe, Stay Strong!

Kathy Maher
Executive Director,
Barnum Museum

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