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The Beginnings of Iranistan

P.T. Barnum’s European tour with his protégé Gen. Tom Thumb stretched across three years (1844-1846), a long time to be away from home in an age when travel was often arduous, and mail could take weeks or even months to reach the recipient.

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Manufactured Puffs and Dissolving Views

Again this week I’ve been exploring details in P. T. Barnum’s letters that tell us about his “distance management” of the American Museum while he was on a three-year tour in Europe with Gen. Tom Thumb in the mid-1840s. 

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“An Awful Great Fire in NY” (in 1845)

Last week we left Mr. Barnum with plans to take General Tom Thumb and his entourage to Spain, where he eagerly anticipated an audience with the Queen, as well as introductions to the Dukes and Duchesses who would be with Her Majesty in Pamplona. 

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“A Touch of Yankee” Solves a Problem

At the end of last week’s blog post we left matters concerning General Tom Thumb’s stop in Bordeaux, France, very much up in the air. 

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Negotiating tactics: “The General’s expenses are very great”

P. T. Barnum’s extraordinary, enduring legacy overshadows the early years of uphill work before his fame—and that of his protégé “General Tom Thumb”—was widespread. 

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