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“Illusions” at the American Museum

Last week we learned of Barnum’s plans for a brand-new attraction at the American Museum—a physioscope, which he described in a letter to Fordyce Hitchcock, manager of the museum. 

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INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF AMUSEMENT PARKS AND ATTRACTIONS HALL OF FAME Inductee – P.T. BARNUM! I’m sure it’s hard for everyone reading this to believe that Super Storm Sandy was 8 years ago! 

First-Rate Attractions for the American Museum

P. T. Barnum was never lacking ideas for attractions to bring to his American Museum in New York, and he was certainly an enthusiastic supporter of a mid-19th century popular phenomena: visual illusions in a variety of forms.

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A Thank You and Salute to Honor our Veterans I'm proud to be the daughter of a United States Marine Corps veteran.  I truly believe much of my work ethic and discipline is a result of the guiding principles that I grew up with as a kid in New York.  'Be there first...everyone will think you're in charge.'  I'll

Pantomime Engagements for the Holidays

On October 27, 1845, while on a brief trip to London, Barnum wrote to two gentlemen with the idea of setting up engagements for Gen. Tom Thumb to perform in December, during the holiday season.

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Some Barnum Museum Backstory…. For those who might not know, the Barnum Museum was conceived, designed and promoted by P.T. Barnum in 1891.

News in a Postscript: “My Present Ideas”

Last week’s blog, “Read & Reflect,” mainly focused on P. T. Barnum’s October 25, 1845 letter to his wife Charity at home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, while he was traveling in Europe. 

Read & Reflect, Then Do as You Please

Over the past few months of reading Barnum’s letters in his 1845-1846 copybook, I have been surprised to find relatively few to Charity, his wife. 

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