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Community Engagement: Curious Kids?  We Can Keep Them Busy!

If you’ve watched any of the Curious People Wanted videos on the Barnum Museum’s YouTube channel, you know we have wonderful objects with intriguing stories.  Now younger children can “become curious” about our artifacts with new Kids’ Activities on our website!

Business in London is Dull as Dish-Water

P.T. Barnum arrived in London at 7 o’clock on Wednesday evening, December 3, 1845, concluding his on-site role in France with Gen. Tom Thumb’s entourage.

Last Letters from France

When we left Barnum last week, he was still in Paris busy writing letters, but was about to leave for England. 

Pancakes & Short Cakes & Oysters

Intense homesickness is difficult to cope with, especially when it persists over a long period of time and leads to physical ailments. 

The Old American is Bound to Do Wonders Yet

At the end of November 1845, nearing both the end of General Tom Thumb’s tour of France and the close of his second year abroad, P. T. Barnum’s wide-ranging ambitions seem tamped down a bit, at least in so far as his communication to his American Museum manager Fordyce Hitchcock tells us. 

Kings and Queens, and Talk of Many Things

This week’s blog, exploring a three-page letter from P. T. Barnum to Boston showman Moses Kimball, will highlight interesting new tidbits and provide updates to a couple of previous storylines, rather than focusing on one theme or topic.

Community Engagement Message from the Executive Director

Inside the Barnum Museum Renovations! We’re excited to add a new series to our YouTube Channel! Re-Envisioning Barnum invites viewers on the journey of the Museum’s fascinating road-to-recovery from the aftermath of multiple natural disasters.

We Have Got Quite Territory Enough

A few weeks ago one of our blog readers asked if I had seen any comments from Barnum about the Mexican-American War.

The Grand Agent of Yankee Showmen

Perhaps the thought has recently crossed your mind, “What has Tom Thumb been up to lately?” 

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