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The Things Inside Case No. 8

In last week’s blog we got to know a little more about the American Museum’s naturalist and taxidermist, Monsieur Emile Guillaudeu, a man whom Barnum valued and trusted.

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“What is it that you do exactly?”  That’s a question my parents still ask me…

Searching for Monsieur Guillaudeu

Curiosity got the better of me after reading another of P. T. Barnum’s letters in which he mentioned the Frenchman who worked for him at the American Museum (and with a third spelling of his surname), plus a letter directly to him responding to concerns about his salary.

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So, another week and another series of calamitous storms…and breathe.  

Novelties and Schemes

These days especially, all of us are eager to hear some good news.  It seems that P. T. Barnum was feeling much the same way through the summer and fall of 1845. 

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These are busy days! Now that we are all getting the hang of social distancing, zoom meetings, and precisely where our mask fits best on our face so as to not fog-up our sunglasses, it’s time for back-to-school.

A Most Determined Devotion to Business

When people think of P. T. Barnum, his extraordinary achievements in the business of popular entertainment immediately come to mind: first, the success of his American Museum in New York City, and later, the Greatest Show on Earth which traveled far and wide to impress colossal audiences.

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Greetings, Everyone! Apologies for our “silence” last Friday but as many of you know, Tropical Storm Isaias walloped Connecticut on Tuesday, August 4th, leaving about 800,000 households and businesses without power. 

Story Updates, and Caroline’s Education

Loyal readers, in case you have wondered whether I am way ahead of you in reading the letters in Barnum’s copybook, I can honestly say I have not been “cheating” and stay just slightly ahead.

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